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King David AKA Beardy D from di Caribbean Island of Barbados.

After he leave school his mother got him set up with a job , With his first pay he buy a radio and at nights while hanging out on di bridge wid di boys he always haff his radio , Sum djs on the radio he lov to hear dem play,  He and a group of people visit a radio station in Antigua call ZDK , It was his first time in a radio station and he got to  meet 2 of his favourite djs from dat station. he was not in to djin at dat time ,but after his visit to the ZDK radio station he buss out .

After coming back from the trip to Antigua King David went out and buy a stereo set (turntable and receiver). Dat is what it was call in Barbados at dat time. Every satdeh he would b buyin records, and at night djin for di boys. When he go dancin he would always go to check out di dj ,and learn from watchin dem dj, He start to get in to djin more and more and when there is a party in the community, he would b djin, but with 1 turntable.   At the next parties he borrowed a next turntable. With the two turntables,  man, u could see how he lovin it.

Then King David move to Canada and he meet some nice friends , and when he go dancin he still go and watch the dj . A friend took him too a Barbados dance, and the dj at the time, dj Glen wanted to go too di wash room.  King David was standin there watchin him as usual, then Glen ask “u kno how to play” he say “yes”. The first chune he play was Jack by Gabby and di ppl was jumpin like mad and dat pushin him more in to djin .

King David was invited by a friend to CHRW 94.9fm radio station one nite, his second time in a radio station , he went back a few more times with his friend, Then there was a radio spot on CHRW and he was encourage to go for it.

KIng David has been hosting a show on CHRW for 20 years, called Rootsman Skankin, he now also hosts 3 shows on KNR Radio, a Reggae show called: Rootsman Skankin , an oldies show: Do You Remember, with  songs from the 50s,60s,70s and 80s and the Kaiso show (aka Calypso or Soca).

Dat small radio all those years ago started King David down a path that led him to where he is now, hosting 4 radio shows that are listened to by audiences around the world.

Kind David is not just a dj he is an entertainer. His energetic delivery of the music has his audience glued to the computer screen. The listeners proclaim that it’s like being at a live performance. King David’s witty sayin keeps the listeners laughing and interacting with other listeners in the Muzik lounge (aka chat room) .



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