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Maakheru dahJah / Emperah

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Aka Mo-Di The Scratch Master, of The DJ crew/service “Masters of The Wheels of Steel” aka MWS

It all began at the age of 6, his parents had parties at their house just about every month and the whole Caribbean community would be there. (Well nuff of it anyways). His uncle let him play a few records before getting sent off to bed and the reaction of the people got him hooked and he caught the fever. He and his dad made regular trips to the record stores everywhere. Eventually getting two turntables and a radio shack mixer, practicing and making tapes, yes tapes. After some time, graduating to become the Scratch Master he has broken at least 7 mixers. One time he was scratching so vigorously in the mix the cross fade in the mixer came off in his hand breaking the stem of the fader.

He has competed in the DMC championships for Canada in which he placed 3rd, even though he and the crowd response was thinking 2nd place. Since then he’s been hosting a show on chrw radio 94.9fm (still does) and broadcasts the same show here on KNR plus more.

From disc jockey, real disc jockey who takes the time to sculpt his craft using 2 turntables and a mixer and keeping the flow as a jockey rides a horse he’s in the mix same way. The two become one in unison. As a guitarist plays his guitar, a saxophonist plays his saxophone his instrument are two Technics 1200’s and a mixer. This is not a dj who just plays music one after the other, but a real selektah, mixologist, turntablist (the only one in the MWS crew), that will remix tracks live in one of his settings.

Mo-Di The Scratch Master aka dahJah is also a Mixing Engineer and Producer and has worked with some great artists with tracks available in itunes and other online stores.

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