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About Us

KNR – KingdomNubia Radio began testing on July 1 2014, trying our best to deliver the same sound as we do live in clubs or events.

The station officially went live on air July 19 2014 at midnight and we’ve been growing ever since. We studied this online radio and been in it for quite some time and realized there was something truly missing from the airwaves. We looked high and low for it but could never find it. That is one place that plays all the great music we grew up on and stay current as well. Not only stay current but lead by playing music many others cannot play, lead by having a team of dj’s that not only love music but know music.

We wanted a station that could bring the people the real authentic heavy bass reggae sound, but not only that, we realize if it wasn’t for reggae music all it’s branches would not be here that the masses enjoy so much. Branches such as dub music, dub step, hip-hop, techno (yes techno [listen to some of the heavy bass in techno]) the so-called grime of the uk etc. We wanted a station that would play the roots reggae that we grew up on hearing our parents play, a station that we could hear soca, soul music and it’s branches like funk, r&b, jazz, house etc. A station that we can hear African music such as Afro Beat, High Life and more.

Most would say it’s too much and you should focus on less. Our main focus is conscious reggae music, but we realize our people who all come from the African Diaspora are more than just that, all of this is apart of us if it wasn’t for Africa we wouldn’t have all of this, as all of it is still African music. When you listen to KNR you will hear lots of reggae but throughout the day you will hear the other genres that make up who we all are.

We also wanted to pass on knowledge we have gained along the way. Knowledge not taught in school, knowledge from reading and researching, we wanted to hear snippets of knowledge from great people that impacted us as a people in the past and is very relevant today. We wanted to give the people Knowledge & Vibes we are doing our best to provide this for you through this platform. You will hear the voices of many great people who have passed on into that great Ancestral realm but you will also hear the voices of those who are still with us today trying their best to uplift us as a people.

KNR is still growing and will be here for a good while to grow this little plant into that mighty tree seen and marveled from miles away, so big a road will have to be cut through it, so big because the ALL MIGHTY has set it so. Welcome to KNR – KingdomNubia Radio and thanks for being here.