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Started from the bottom now we here. DJ Starchild from then til now-YOU ASKED
Circa 1979/80 MR M.R starts a radio show on the mighty CHRW 94.7 FM.MR M.R calls it The Funk Show.Mr M.R decides to pass on The Funk Show  to Mr.Groove. Mr Groove drops madd funk on The Funk show – NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THIS AT THE TIME. Always already listening for Funk on the airwaves -Mix Master Jah Lou/Mo-Di/Starchild  recording live ghetto blaster to speaker discover Funk blaring strong from a London Station. Turns out the DJ saying crazy stuff like “Total Confusion here folks” is our very own Mr.Groove. All the boys show up to the station. After the room got crowded Mr.Groove runs away to the land of Kiplings.

Mo-Di and Jah Lou and Bass da Ace hold down the fort. Mr.Groove,Jah Lou and Bass da Ace were known as Dynamic sounds -while Mo-di and Starchild were the musical back end of Starchild’s Electric Boogie/Breakdancing Legendary dance crew,The Sound Table OF The Knights of The Sound Table ( stolen from an epic Cameo FUNK album ). We even had an MC who was actually London’s FIRST breakdancer Jah Lad ( we leave no-one out)

After Mr.Groove went off to break open the world of opportunity -we FUSED the name Dynamic and Sound table and BORN was The Masters of The Wheels of Steel ( mid -early 80s)
The show name changed to Destruction Productions and was epic even though Starchild said no words and was the second part of the show playing Techno from Detroit and House from Chicago and Hip Hop from NYC. Station manager said show is sick you need your own -so then as SCARY as it was to TALK -Construction Productions was BORN.We CONTROLLED the airwaves for years and years. The station moved and I lost my boys -was left alone due to let’s just say Volunteer misunderstanding because WHO FIRES A VOLUNTEER ????. Held down the fort for years Rumbled it, Shattered it and then one day bosses changed and they came back -oh HAPPY DAY. Construction Productions -Black by Popular Demand -and now Positive Journey absolutely dominated Saturday radio for like EVER.

Evil management struck again and Starchild the Bad Boy holding down 49% of London Underground listeners fell from grace as Mo-Di stayed strong -Positive Journey. Circa NOW Mo-Di starts – STILL on The Mighty RW but the BOYS are back together dropping SOOO many flavours 30 ish decades LATER it’s bananas.
I used our DJ names because that’s what you should remember WHO STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM AND STILL HERE !!!!!! Mr.Groove -Mix Master Jah Lou – Mo-Di -Scratch Master -Rebel-1,Phaze Master,DJ Dub Roye ( RUDE BOY durrr) STARCHILD -Groove Technician -Canadian Funk Mob -The Art of Being Different -clothing gear est 1996 – Nation of Imagine -Kick Music central -MASTERS OF THE WHEELS OF STEEL -1979  -2017 -20… yeah the FIRST voice you hear when you CLICK ON -CAN YOU DIG LONGEVITY????

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