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If you’re satisfied with what you hear on modern day radio, then these few words are not for you. What happened to when R&B muzik meant a well crafted muzik piece that you could feel the love or a complaint that someone wasn’t getting enough love like in Teddy Riley’s “Him Or Me” When the lyrics were suggestive and you had to think about what they were saying instead of being so graphic that is sounds like it was made for a strip club?

There were the days when hip-hop muzik was like the news cast. Artists would let you know what’s going on in our community, which politician was on the take, about the drug dealer down the road and why you shouldn’t be like him. Hip-Hop would speak to us about unity, coming together, about our oppression, police brutality, white supremacy, love, dating, and children.  R&B had the same topics but more on a soulful side and most definitely about relationships going very well or very wrong. In this track by Mary J Blige sings about memories someone reminds her about.

Reggae muzik has also suffered from the same paralysis where artists are bringing the bedroom into the dancehall. The young so-called disc jockeys today seem to have no feelings or respect for our women so they love and play the most lewd and crude music they can find. This music has no suggestions at all, they are right to the point as I said before like they were made for the strip club. I drop this here as an example but beware.

On the exact same riddim we have excellent songs like this one by Tarrus Riley who is fed up with his woman and letting her know loud and clear that if she leaves this time, “Don’t Come Back”
or Christopher Martin speaking about this woman who is hotter than the sun in this track called “My Love”
When/If you go out to the clubs or listen to radio how many of the good tracks do you hear compared to the lewd? Are you of the mindset that doesn’t mind and thinks it’s only music?
I want to say music and muzik are not the same; one has a higher spiritual vibration that is felt in your soul, the other is given to us sometimes with an agenda. I believe it is our job, our mandate that when we hear a dj playing music that trashes women and leaves them to be nothing but sex objects who are to be ruled by any male in front of them, that we MUST show by how we spend our dollars by leaving and not going online to purchase those tracks. Imagine what would happen if one day a group of women got on a dj for playing such crap and then leaving after he keeps it up. Pretty soon these so-called dj’s would get the message and either change or get fired. This torch must be bared by the women first and then supported by the men for this to work. Of course there is a place for that music but today’s wack dj’s believe it is to be everywhere at any time.

Back to the Hip-Hop or what we here on main stream radio and in clubs as flip-flop or rap. Many don’t know there is a huge difference between Hip-Hop & Rap. Hip-Hop is a culture as I stated before of how it was implemented in the muzik. Rap is what guys do to get over on a female, a game to get something he wants. Males & females rap to each other all the time, there is no realness in rap. Today they give us people like Drake (yeah I know many of you love him) or 2chains, Little Wayne and others who have come and done nothing good for this genre. You don’t hear real Hip-Hop on the airwaves unless it’s by those who know and really love the muzik and realness. I’m very happy to introduce you to three amazing females in Hip-Hop who are killing it and doing better than pretty much every male out there in the business.

This is Sa-Roc and

This is Narubi Selah who is also a school principal in NYC.
Here is Narubi Selah in a LIVE performance

I’m leaving these here with you to show you that the good muzik is still out here but it is being suppressed by those that control the industry. In another article we can get deeper into that but I want to leave you with another STRONG female in the game.

This is Akua Naru

I really hope you will support these females by purchasing their works as well as spreading the word and letting the world know about them. Why do they give us the crap they do on air and not righteous muzik such as these females are bringing? Well we know the answer to that too, but it’s a convo for a next time.
Come on over to KingdomNubia Radio sometime and hear what we have to offer muzikally for the masses wanting to hear goodness.
Until next 1Love
I AM dahJah

dahJah is a DJ, Producer & Mixologist, owner of The Positive Journey Mixing Lounge and CEO of KingdomNubia Radio. He can be heard live on air 4 times a week on KNRadio & 94.9FM CHRW in London Canada.

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