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Understanding My “Straw Man” & The “Redemption In Law” Process

Written by on April 29, 2017

(I am attempting to adapt the information from the book: Redemption In Law  – see advertisement at the end of this document –  so that it might be applicable to myself as a Canadian living in Canada. This exercise is twofold, firstly to permit me to better understand this new information and secondly to stimulate those who may choose to read it to be motivated to further research the background information as it applies to their respective “straw man” and then take action to re-capture their “straw man.”)

I telephoned Industry Canada on (October 25, 2000) to inquire about how I could proceed with a UCC Search Request and about getting the UCC – 1 form for the Financing Statement. After being passed along to four people someone called me back and left a message saying: “Could you explain a little more about UCC.” It seems that either they do NOT know about UCC or else they do not want to tell me about it.
Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy

Having knowledge of the Statutes and Codes of Louisiana is necessary to understanding the Redemption In Law process. The basic premise to fully understanding my straw man and the “Redemption In Law” process is the fact that the (Uniform Commercial Code) UCC – 1 Financing Statement is the only unbreakable contract in the world. This new process of “Redemption In Law” is in its infant stages and as successes continue to occur, the authors of the book will continue to offer new suggestions as to the optimal actions to take as we seek to redeem or re-capture our respective straw man.

The second premise that comes into play is that since the UCC is the ultimate foundation, the bedrock, upon which the world’s commerce functions, it follows that there are severe penalties for fraud in commerce. This becomes very significant when we learn that all commerce functions through straw men. I, Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy (as the real being) sign for accommodation on behalf of my straw man every time I sign a document.

All areas of government and all alleged “courts of law” are de facto, “colour of law and right” institutions. Our “courts of law” only recognize and deal with other legal persons. This is why my lawful name is never entered in their records. The all-caps legal person is used. Likewise, jurisdiction in our “courts of law” covers only other artificial persons. The proper jurisdiction for a lawful being is a Constitutionally sanctioned, common-law-venue court. Unfortunately, such jurisdiction has been shelved and is no longer available; the only courts in Canada today are statutory courts.

My straw man is an artificial person created by law at my birth on September 1, 1948 via the inscription of an ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS NAME on my birth certificate/document, which is a document of title and a negotiable instrument. My lawful, Christian name of birthright was replaced with a legal, corporate name of deceit and fraud. I, Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy have been answering when the legal person, KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH, is addressed, and therefore the two have been recognized as being one and the same. When, I, Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy, the lawful being distinguish myself as another party than the legal person, the two will be separated.

My STATE-created birth certificate with an all-caps name became a document evidencing debt the moment it was issued. Once the Federal Government of Canada  registered my birth certificate with the Department of Industry Trade and Commerce, that Department notified the Treasury Department, which took out a loan from the private Bank of Canada. The Treasury used the loan to purchase a bond from the Department of Industry Trade and Commerce which invested the sale proceeds in the stock or bond market. The Treasury Department then issued Treasury securities in the form Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills using the bonds as surety for the new “securities.” This cycle is based on the future tax revenues of the legal person KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH, whose name appears on the birth certificate. This also means that the bankrupt, corporate Canada guaranteed to the purchasers of their securities my lifetime labour and tax revenues with my birth certificate as collateral for payment. This device was craftily initiated simply by converting the lawful, true name of Thomas-Jospeh: Kennedy as a newborn into a legal, juristic name of a person, KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH.

Legally, since September 1, 1948, I have been considered a slave or indentured servant to the various federal, provincial and municipal governments via my STATE-issued, STATE-created birth certificate in the name of my all-caps person. My birth certificate was issued so that  the issuer could claim “exclusive” title to the legal person created thereby. This was further compounded when I voluntarily obtained a driver’s license and a SIN (Social Insurance Number). The state even owns my personal and private life through my STATE-issued marriage license/certificate issued in the all-caps names. I have had no rights in birth, marriage, nor will I have them even in death unless I re-capture my straw man. (The names on tombstones in cemeteries are in all-caps.) The STATE holds title to my legal person it created via my birth certificate, until Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy, the rightful owner, the holder in due course of the instrument, that is myself, reclaims/redeems it.

The main problem is that I have voluntarily (though unknowingly) agreed to this contrived system of plunder by remaining silent and failing to assert my absolute rights. Therefore, the maxim of law becomes crucially operative: “He who fails to assert his rights has none.” The legal rules and codes enforce themselves. There are no court hearings to determine if those rules are correct. Their “law” is self-regulating and self-supporting. Once set into motion, their “laws” automatically come into effect provided the legal process has been followed.

My straw man has a ficticious name written in a manner not provided for in the rules of English grammar. My straw man has a same-sounding name as Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy, but is artificial and exists only by the force of or in contemplation of law. My straw man is a distinct legal entity that benefits the creator – the Government of Canada – because the creator can then accomplish things in the name of my straw man that would not otherwise be permitted e.g. secretly acquire property etc. My straw man is: KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH. The Government of Canada has been using my straw man for the purpose of siphoning off wealth from myself, an otherwise sovereign man and conveying the proceeds to its creditors, the private Bank of Canada and the IMF. It is my intention to now use my straw man for my benefit, rather than continuing to be enslaved and abused because of it.

Under the Uniform Commercial Code, my straw man is defined as, and serves as, a “transmitting utility.” The operators/controllers of the political/economic/industrial system have set it up so that the only way for Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy to access the industrial goods and services of the nation of Canada is through a nominal third party, a front man, a dummy, a public corporation of one, a corporately coloured juristic person, a straw man – a utility through which said goods and services may be transmitted. This means that the only way that Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy can acquire goods and services is through my straw man. I cannot keep my body alive and survive in the world today without the industrial goods and services of the nation of Canada, so I have been forced to interface through my straw man in order to partake of them. Because my straw man has no body, and because I am the one actually benefiting from the consumptions/use of the industrial goods and services of the nation and because, (prior to Redemption) I do not hold  title to my straw man, I am the one responsible for discharging the public liability associated with the “benefits” that come to you in the name of my straw man.

The “purpose not otherwise permitted” is “extraction of income tax from a sovereign” that is myself – something I would not knowingly agree to. All “income” is “corporate income,” and my straw man is a dummy public corporation. Because my straw man is registered (my birth certificate), and because I cannot work for another except through my labour license (Social Insurance Number) or have a bank account except through my Social Insurance Number, taxes have been relatively easy to monitor, assess and collect from Thomas-Jospeh: Kennedy. All claims made against me, whether civil or criminal, are instituted in the name of my straw man, the title to which is currently held by the Government of Canada. Accordingly, upon acquiring legal title to my straw man, I will have the capacity to protect my interests so that no one can come against Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy via my straw man and a perfect claim.

I am considering that it is possible that the Department of Industry Trade and Commerce (or some other Department) of the Federal Government of Canada acquired my Birth Certificate via the City of Kingston in the County of Lennox and Addington and the Province of Ontario, which in turn accepted it from my parents, who unwittingly pledged me, Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy to the “state” and delivered me into bondage, slavery, and the status of being chattel property in a state of  permanently indentured servitude. The Department of Industry Trade and Commerce became the de facto holder of the Certificate of Rights to my body, labour, and property and gave me a claim check, a pawn receipt, a warehouse receipt, a certificate of deposit – a birth certificate. Whoever the holder of my Birth Certificate may now be has no more right to it than a pawnbroker holding a possession for me in my absence and awaiting my return to claim it, to redeem it.

The current holder of my Birth Certificate is able to capitalize on it because of my inaction and silence, that is, my failure to instruct the said holder otherwise.When I accept for value, my Birth Certificate I reacquire title and regain my crown – I reinstall myself on my own throne. I regain dominion and sovereignty over my own kingdom.

I have learned that there are only two classes of people in our modern Canada, as well as in all legal proceedings: creditors and debtors. Once I have established my sovereignty in law I become the creditor, and any adverse party in dispute with me is registered to the inferior status of debtor. As long as I fail to establish my sovereignty in law, I do not hold title to anything in my life, I have no, legal capacity and I am devoid of standing to assert any rights, that is, I remain a permanent debtor, and I must always lose in any dispute with the system for “failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.” Reclaiming title to my straw man acts as a bar, or estoppel, to any and all comers. If I fail to reclaim rights to title of my straw man by filling a   (Universal Commercial Code) UCC – 1 making me the creditor and absolute ruler of my straw man, I will not be sovereign and I will lose at resolution of any dispute.

When I establish my sovereignty and self-ownership in law via a UCC – 1 Financing Statement, my entire life will be dramatically affected. I simply become the sovereign, rather than a hopeless debtor and chattel property.

In summary, the State (in any aspect, any jurisdiction, any country, any culture, any time) can act against me via my straw man only if said State holds title to my straw man by virtue of my failure to redeem the document of title, the Birth Certificate, to the straw man. My failure to do so constitutes assent to the presumption that the State is the defacto owner and holder of the title to my straw man.

The most powerful contract in the world is a UCC – 1 Financing Statement, which is impenetrable and the foundation of all commerce. The UCC – 1 Financing Statement currently in place against my life, my labour, and all my property was established by illegitimate presumption. That I have failed to rebut this presumption is the reason that I am in the scarcity mess that I am in today.

The security instrument is my Birth Certificate. The bankers presently hold title. I am the collateral. This can happen only by omission/failure to rebut my presumption of security interest in everything associated with the debtor – KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH.

The bankers have conquered and enslaved the world only because of the ignorance, apathy, and default of each slave – including myself. This is a free-will universe. The unit of experience, choice, rights, and sovereignty is each individual like myself. I am the a unique being in the universe with the right, knowledge, or duty to speak for myself; no one else can assert my rights for me. It I fail to assert my rights, I have tacitly agreed to be a slave, subject to the whims of my masters.

It is of utmost importance to understand that the bankers’ claim of a security interest in everything associated with my straw man via my Birth Certificate is by presumption only, and stands only because of your failure to rebut it. Filing a UCC – 1 Financing Statement against my straw man absolutely rebuts any presumption of a valid claim against my straw man by anyone other than myself, while at the same time itself being unrebuttable. There are many reasons for this, the most crucial being:

1. Any substantiation of a bonafide contract between me and the usurpers of my throne is impossible because there never was a bonafide contract due to absence of true agreement based upon the interaction being devoid of full disclosure, genuine meeting of minds, and mutual good faith.

2. I am, and  therefore, I am correctly presumed in law (all law, including theirs), to be the foundation, originm and unit of sovereignty. Whatver I choose to do or not to do is presumed to be (and always is) so by my free choice. If I fail to rebut my presumption that I am subject to their system they possess the grounds to presume that I chose to act as I did, with full knowledge of the law, in the free will manner that I did. Conversely, the same philosophy that has worked against me can work for me when I rebut their preumption and redeem my sovereign capacity.

If the real me (Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy, secured party) has the supreme claim against the artificial me (KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH, my straw man, my debtor), the system cannot perfect a claim against either (my straw man or my real and lawful name of Christian birthright); my straw man because I hold the supreme claim thereon; my real self because the system – another straw man – can deal only with other like entities i.e. other straw men.

More to come …..Readers are invited to share any knowledge that they may have acquired from self-imposed courses of study re: the “strawman.”

A fellow New Zealander patriot, Richard Roland Riley, Esquire has posted some information at his website about the legal theory of the straw man in New Zealand. To read what he has written visit this URL:

Some UCC information is posted at this URL:

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