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The U.S. government poisons Africans in Illinois and Indiana!

Written by on May 9, 2017

Lamont Anderson and his son Lamont Jr. live in toxic soil West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, Ind. Lamont Jr’s blood test reveal dangerously high levels of lead. This is genocide.


In Chicago, Illinois and East Chicago, Indiana, hundreds of poor working class Africans are being relocated by by the State after alarmingly high levels of lead in soil has been revealed.

The extent of the lead contamination came as a shock to the African community, due to the dangers of the past presence of a huge former U.S.S. lead smelting plant being kept from the them.

The African communities of Illinois and Chicago are well aware of the effects of lead poisoning which Flint’s Africans are struggling with. They are also fearful and demanding answers as to why the government did not inform them of the severity of the soil toxicity much sooner.

We know why.

The African population in the U.S. is a population of colonial subjects who have neither power nor self-determination over our own lives.

The government doesn’t have to tell us such vital information because they have the power to keep that information to themselves.

It should also be noted that the oppressive U.S. government does not and has never cared about our well-being and in fact functions ensure our oppression, domination and genocide.


We want our readers to be absolutely clear that this is African genocide at the hands of the U.S. government.

According to the United Nations’ genocide consists of, “Less obvious methods of destruction, such as the deliberate deprivation of resources needed for the group’s physical survival and which are available to the rest of the population, such as clean water, food and medical services.”

It also includes, “creation of circumstances that could lead to a slow death…”

African residents were not informed until July that the top six inches of soil in their yards had up to 30 times more lead than the level considered safe for children to play in, and that it also had hazardous levels of arsenic. Farther down in the soil, the contamination is much worse.

Children, born and raised in apartment complexes and educated in schools mere blocks from the former plant regularly vomit without notice. They also suffer from constant migraines and chronic pain and present countless other signs of lead poisoning.

Their parents have been given little more than a housing voucher to leave, which does not cover moving costs, security deposits, etc.

More than that, moving does not repair the widespread contamination across the U.S.

And red-lining tactics by the colonizers leave Africans with little options on where to live.

This is an initiative of the genocidal State, similar to the hush vouchers provided to African victims in Flint, Michigan in an attempt to trivialize and lessen the severity of these toxic waste zones in the name of parasitic capitalism.

Parasitic capitalism sucks the life of Africans

Africans in the U.S. were historically utilized as smelters in metal-rich areas of the country over the last 60 years.

Like our sisters and brothers being exploited on the Continent, most if not all workers were never made aware of the massive detrimental health consequences of such work.

Yet, even if the State did tell Africans of the detrimental effects of working in the mines and the plants, what alternatives would we have under parasitic capitalism but to continue to be exploited?

Under parasitic capitalism, it is the norm for Africans to be exploited, oppressed, and poisoned. It has to be overturned.


Join the African People’s Socialist Party!