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buzztv 4900 Best Android/iptv box on the Market

This by far at the time of writing is the best android box you can find anywhere. What makes it the best is that it has a fast processor which is necessary for downloading video to stream. Below is just a little info for your research on this product. If you want to “cut the cord” (cancel you cable bill) or just have the basic services from your cable company and use a box like this to get tv from all over the world, this is definitely the way to go.

We will update this every now and then with info on the new versions coming out as well as where you may find subscriptions which average at $15/month

The 4900 retails for $250 Can.  if you don’t want to pay that much the 4500 is also an excellent box for $150, but after having both I have to say the 4900 wins in every category from the guide, to the speed of how the channels come in and you can add in your own hard drive for more space to record for the PVR function. The remote is also programmable on both, on the 4900 you can program 3 different things such buzz box of course, your TV, and Stereo or whatever you please, 4500 2 things. On the 4500 you can add an sd card or a usb hard drive to do the same. Below info on the 4500


links to the 4900 below, you can find the 4500 and 4000 there as well.

Buy from Wintronics or World Wide Satelites