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Microsoft pushes out KB4023057 yet again to force Windows 10 feature updates

Written by on August 31, 2020

Many of the updates and patches Microsoft releases for Windows 10 prove to be unpopular, usually because of the new problems they can introduce. But with the KB4023057 update, people have another reason to consider avoiding installing it.
KB4023057 has been pushed out by Microsoft several times before, and the company has just started to push it again. The aim of the patch is to address issues that have been preventing some people from upgrading to newer versions of Windows 10, and also override any blocks that users have put in place to stop feature updates from being installed. The problem is that there are many people with good reason to stick with an older build of Windows 10, but KB4023057 is ready to ride roughshod over such plans.

Having made a conscious choice to avoid upgrading to the latest build of Windows 10, anyone installing KB4023057 will be disappointed to find that the patch ultimately results in build 2004 being installed. The update applies to many builds of Windows 10 — specifically 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903 and 1909 — showing just how eager Microsoft is to get more people upgraded to the latest version.

Microsoft explains that the update “includes reliability improvements to Windows Update Service components in consumer Windows 10”. The company goes on to say:

It may take steps to free up disk space on your device if you do not have enough disk space to install Windows updates.

This update includes files and resources that address issues that affect the update processes in Windows 10 that may prevent important Windows updates from being installed. These improvements help make sure that updates are installed seamlessly on your device, and they help improve the reliability and security of devices that are running Windows 10.

What this means in practice is that Windows may run the Disk Cleanup tool to free up space, as well as compressing files. While this is something that you may feel uncomfortable having done for you, it is noted that “this update may try to reset network settings if problems are detected, and it will clean up registry keys that may be preventing updates from being installed successfully”.

This means that Microsoft is actively ignoring clear decisions taken by users, so if you do not want to be forcibly upgraded to a newer build of Windows 10, the advice is simple: avoid KB4023057.

From Yasuh

baggman7449 hours ago

People are still under the misunderstanding that they can do what they want with an O/S. You don’t own it, you didn’t buy it, you only have a license to use it as they see fit, which means you must comply. Few if any actually read the TOS, but essentially, resistance is futile.6 ReplyShare ›

    someGuyFromAtlanta baggman7443 hours ago Or, y’know, Microsoft is just aware that 90% of their Windows users are barely tech literate, and are frequently their own worst enemy. They don’t have any way of knowing whether a user has disabled updates on purpose or if malicious software has done it to prevent being deleted.2 ReplyShare ›
    Deathstalker baggman7446 hours ago • edited I’m not sure you understand how software works. If you write software to run on 1000 devices that have windows installed on them and paid Microsoft for said licenses. Then Microsoft forces all the devices to update and then breaks the 1000 devices your company has a big problem. Said company may fix the issue once or twice but pretty soon said company will say screw Microsoft we are going with Chrome now. After a while when Microsoft looses enough business which they will. Microsoft will change their policy again like they have the last 20 other times they have tried this in the past.1 1ReplyShare ›
      JlHADJOE Deathstalker3 hours ago • edited If you paid MS for a thousand Windows licenses and are running custom software specific to a particular Windows build then you probably have an Enterprise license, in which case they wouldn’t be bothering you with this update.You’d even have the option to install the LTSC version of Windows, which is currently based on build 1809 and is supported all the way until Jan 2029.2 ReplyShare ›
    ZYX Rhythm baggman74433 minutes ago Looks like somebody is drinking too much of Microsoft’s Kool-Aid. ReplyShare ›

soundnado 🌪️10 hours ago

‘reliability improvements’ 😂4 ReplyShare ›


Film@1112 hours ago • edited

It might be helpful to explain to people, especially users of Windows 10 Home, exactly how they might go about “avoiding KB4023057”.6 1ReplyShare ›


TJ_3rd7 hours ago

Sounds like the hilarious Win10 setting for automatic driver updates… The description for not accepting their random driver decisions aka “No” is “your device might not work as expected”. Exactly backward.

MS could be overwhelming helpful in a non-authoritarian manner… which makes me wonder what they’re really up to.2 ReplyShare ›


The MAZZTer10 hours ago

I’ve always wondered if Microsoft could be held liable in some form for the actions of botnets formed from exploited unpatched Windows PCs. I suspect forceful updates are a preemptive attempt to show that they are doing all they can to mitigate the possibility.2 ReplyShare ›


Oeconomia6 hours ago

Who proofread this article?2 1ReplyShare ›


Sir Squishy7 hours ago

Bet MS messes up again and costs 1,000’s of users to suffer dataloss…again. Forcing a build of windows on users is just insane. What if you have software that does not run on 2004? What if that software is out of support/service and has no upgrade path? MS not only is costing users money and time, they are opening themselves up to litigation.2 2ReplyShare ›

    TJ_3rd Sir Squishy7 hours ago • edited The TOS prevents legal repercussions. If you have mission critical activities you shouldn’t be using Win Home, and you should be locking down updates.These aren’t good / fun answers. Basically most Windows users are effectively beta testers, and they agreed to it via TOS.Btw I use Win Home for my small business. It sucks. 2ReplyShare ›

Julius Gashumba9 hours ago

I have to complain about Microsoft’s poor customer service but when it comes to windows and the applications, I have no complaints. What most don’t understand is they may break a few eggs to make that win 10 omelet but at least they’re innovating. Until Linux is stable enough to run on anyone’s PC we should appreciate Microsoft’s efforts. I for one, will appreciate disk cleanup and registry maintenance done for me as I have been complaining about the settings being reset every time I install updates.2 2ReplyShare ›

    Sporkfighter Julius Gashumba6 hours ago Odd that you don’t mind Microsoft “breaking eggs” but whine about Linux not being stable enough. Seems like your rationalizing, not rational.3 ReplyShare ›
      Geoff Arnold Sporkfighter6 hours ago • edited Hmmm. I just tried to update Ubuntu 19.04 to 20.04, and wound up have to do a fresh install from a thumb drive. Right now Linux is unusable for the mass market – it’s for devs only. (I’m a dev.)2 ReplyShare ›
        pascal martin Geoff Arnold5 hours ago I don’t know Ubuntu, but have not reinstalled Debian on my desktop for years, despite upgrading quite often (I am on the testing channel).I am having Windows 10 issues with webcam (microphone worked, not anymore). This might seem minor, but my son is on distant learning and this is now critical. I do not remember so many regression issues on Debian as seen recently with Windows 10.1 ReplyShare ›
          Peter Neerdaels pascal martin40 minutes ago • edited I always heard Ubuntu was a great Linux distribution for a Linux newbie. It was quite a while ago when I tried installing it for the first time. Ran great for a couple minutes until it hit some kind of critical error and crashed. I ran a fresh install shortly after that with the assumption that something got corrupted but it would completely crash after running for a short time. This was years ago and I’m sure whatever caused the sudden crash and burn has either been patched or we all just moved on from that outdated and somehow Linux incompatible hardware but it wasn’t until I installed CentOS that Linux won me over. I’ve installed Debian as well and had a similar experience: it ran great with no issues. I just have not spent as much time with Debian. ReplyShare ›

Rich Rigney7 minutes ago

At this point Microsoft is no different than Google in wanting to obtain as much information from their users as possible. Information and control is what Software company and especially those who make Operating Systems are after. Nobody can convince me otherwise at this point. ReplyShare ›


Luis Angel Castillo11 minutes ago

If you have a business don’t be cheap and buy Windows Enterprise to avoid updates that could potentially kill your PC. And as a Windows user, I see this kind of articles every month and the ones about “why you should drop Windows”. They are full of shit. I have more problems with my RGB software than with the OS. I’m even a Windows Insider and none of their updates since launch has caused as many problems as this “tech knowing people” say. It just proves that news pages are willing to hire anyone to write for them. So lame ReplyShare ›


AzBearinan hour ago

I installed build 2004 and have had zilch problems with it, actually cleared up a couple minor issues but YMMV. ReplyShare ›


Jeff kennedyan hour ago

But, the bargain in buying the license is that the product does function correctly, that at least the system is able to boot up & allow the functions of a modern OS. Internet connectivity; browsing; gaming; etc. Microsoft has put themselves at risk of a massive class-action lawsuit with the incessant, mandatory “updates” (inadequately tested sabotage), that create PC system misbehavior & weirdness; random crashes; failure to boot up; ad nauseam. If they want to adopt the Linux model, okay. But at $150 a pop, Microsoft needs to get it’s Windows sh*t together. ReplyShare ›


Aegir6 hours ago

The update KB4023057 does not appear in ControlPanel/Programs. Why not? Actually I see the update in the list of updates, but it is not uninstallable. What’s going on? ReplyShare ›