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How China’s Prisons Harvests The Organs Of Nigerians/Africans And Kills Them

Written by on September 10, 2019

All over the world, Black people are subjected to all kinds of wickedness and inhumane treatments, and somehow the world keeps a blind eye and deaf ear to their plights.

For decades, Black people have been used for labor, tortured, killed and had their organs harvested in China. But somehow these reports don’t grace the international media pages.

What is even more disheartening is that many African governments do little or nothing to demand justice for their citizens illegally imprisoned in Asia. The story below is that of Nigerians who are held in Chinese prisons and how organizations in Nigeria are demanding that the government do something to save those who are left in the jaws of death and organ harvesters.

Nigerian civil society organization, Black African Re-orientation, and Development Organization (BARADO) conducted a peaceful protest in Abuja, Nigeria, on Wednesday, there Nkem Anyata-Lafia, it’s executive director called on the Nigerian government to contemplate negotiating with China for the release of Nigerian citizens who are imprisoned in China.

The organization has also appealed to the government of Nigeria to accelerate the emancipation of over 6,000 Nigerians subjected to inhumane situations in Chinese prisons.

 “Bring home our Nigerian brothers and sisters serving various jail terms in China to complete their jail terms in Nigeria,” Anyata-Lafia was quoted by the Herald.

Anyata-Lafia also disclosed that 55 percent of over 6,000 Nigerians presently jailed in China, have been imprisoned “unlawfully” and “illegally.”

The Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is being called upon by several other civil society groups in Nigeria to investigate claims by Nigerians jailed in China of mysterious deaths, organ harvesting, and sale in Chinese prisons.

During a civil society forum held in Lagos, Nigeria, Osemene Osita, the executive director of civil rights group Patriotic Citizen Initiatives (PCI), revealed that they continually receive complaints from Nigerians serving jail terms in China, according to Punch.

Those who contacted PCI claimed that Nigerians suddenly vanish from Chinese prisons under suspicious circumstances, with some asserting that the victims are executed unjustly by prison officials who harvest and sell their organs.

In Anyata-Lafia’s words “In some cases, death sentences are passed carelessly and secret executions carried out in questionable conditions. There are even alleged cases of organ harvesting to treat their rich industrialists with failing health”.

“There is right to demand from Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their duties including our foreign mission in China in the light of the lingering tortures, human right violations, and gross inhumanity that Nigerians are frequently subjected to,” Osita demanded.

According to Mr. Anyata-Lafia, more than 90 percent of these Nigerians have been in jail for more than 10 years and are, on a daily basis, subjected to unnatural hard labor and torture.

Many of these prisoners have been jailed without trial as some of them are reportedly neither aware of their crimes nor when they will be released.

There have been no responses whatsoever to these accusations, both from the Nigerian and Chinese government alike.


African leaders and governments should do more in making sure their citizens in Asian countries are safe and are not in harms ways. It is not enough to just sign bilateral deals with these Chinese people ad then sit down and take loans, without making them respect your citizens and race.

It has been reported that Asians are one of the most racist people on earth. Their racism against black people has been evident in many ways. But somehow they find ways to set up shops and factories in Africa. Our people must make them understand the importance of respecting the Black people on their soil, since they always find ways to blackmail Africans and imprison them for economic gains.

From Yasuh