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‘Houston needs you’: Social media rains scorn on Joel Osteen for closing megachurch after hurricane

Written by on August 28, 2017

Celebrity pastor Joel Osteen is drawing intense criticism online for keeping his megachurch closed during Hurricane Harvey and instead offering social media promises of prayers.

The “prosperity gospel” minister preaches at a 16,800-seat arena at Lakewood Church near downtown Houston, which has suffered severe flooding after the hurricane made landfall and then parked over the city.

Osteen offered prayers in a Saturday afternoon tweet, but his critics asked for more.

You can find ways to help the survivors of Hurricane Harvey here.

Victoria & I are praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please join us as we pray for the safety of our Texas friends & family.

dahJah Tweet text

Replying to

Are you going to donate some of your millions of dollars? That would help more than prayer.

Nothing is more powerful than a prayer

Lol. You’re funny ?

But your not

Not trying to be funny. Just pointing out hypocrisy and false promises

Get over it mister prayer is what they need right now!

no, it really isn’t

How about a prayer that donates some if his considerable fortune to help. That would be good.

10 hours ago

Replying to

Going to open your nice church for shelter for flood victims?

Yes, heard you have a large church. Why isn’t it being used, Joel?

Joel I see you’re on here- open up your church please!

Has anything been organized by this huge religious organization to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey? Donations to Red Cross, etc?

Don’t be silly, money flows one-way only into the coffers. Those jets don’t fuel themselves!

hence why my $$$ will never flow into those coffers!

Replying to

You and Victoria need to helping by opening your church and providing that money that gets donated to you for those in need .?

He’d rather send prayers than money or resources

because prayers don’t cost him anything and are not tax deductible.

Meanwhile, REAL pastors are rolling their sleeves up, putting boots on, and opening the doors of their humble churches.

I saw a picture of one pastor who was wading through the rushing flood checking stalled cars to make sure there were no people in them.

That was a REAL pastor. And he (or she) probably wasn’t asking abt their beliefs, amt donated recently, or their skin color first. Well Done

And a genuine follower of Jesus.

Replying to

Hey Joel, don’t you have the biggest and richest church? Why don’t you open up the doors and the wallet in the name of Jesus for the people!

Oh sweet people. His god is not THE God. His god is $$$.

Making a huge amount of money on God’s word…give to the people of Texas going through this tragedy!

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