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Here’s The Herb, That Cures Cancer For 16 Hours, And All Hiding From Us

Written by on May 9, 2017

There is a herb that successfully combats treacherous cancer, thanks to artemisin.

This is a herb known as “sweet wormwood”, also called “Artemisia Annua” or “Sweet wormwood”.

Already in ancient China, the herbalists knew that this herb had been successful in fighting cancer for only 16 hours.

So far, scientists have discovered that it kills the cancer cells, that have attacked the female breasts. Studies are currently underway whether it could kill other human organs, as we already know, that cancer can destroy any hard or soft tissue in the human body.

From the herb “sweet wormwood”, artemisinin is obtained .

Artemisinin is a unique substance. Once it enters the human body, it occupies the cells and destroys only those infected with cancer, but does not harm the healthy ones. A real antivirus program.

An important feature of the wonderful “sweet wormwood” herb is that its effectiveness increases with the aid of iron.

If the unique herb is taken alone, its effectiveness reaches 28 percent.

If combined with iron, then its effectiveness is increased to 98 percent.