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BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review

Written by on August 20, 2018

If you are very enthusiastic about purchasing a brand new IPTV box, then the Android / IPTV Box may just be the thing for you that deviate from the usual. The set-top-box market is influenced by a couple of big names; however, competition will always be good for all, and BuzzTV definitely knows how to join in the game and stir things up with their XPL-3000.Today, we’re going to take a look at what the limited edition XPL-3000 in red carbon-fiber has in store for us and see if it is an IPTV box that you’d want to have.

BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review – Whats in the Box?

The BuzzTV XPL-3000 is packed in a plain-looking black box but it comes off as clean and somewhat nice. At the top of the box, you will see BuzzTV written in the middle of the space while the XPL-3000 can be found on the lower right portion.  All the sides of the box are left black and beneath this, you’ll see all of the features that the product sports, as well as the package contents.Buzz-TV-Photos-08 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-09 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-01 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-10 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-11 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review

When you open the box, you’ll get to see the BuzzTV XPL-3000 right away and beneath the tray that holds the device, you will find the other items included such as batteries, the remote, a USB cable, and the AC / DC adaptor.

The Product

BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review – Finally, an IPTV Device that Works!

The XPL-3000 from BuzzTV is a quad-core Android 6.0 device that can readily turn your regular TV into a smart TV. The TV box has adequate power to take your viewing experience to a whole new level since it provides you with continuous flexibility and freedom to select any content you want. Also, you can use the device with any other IPTV service to readily stream content using the Stalker middleware; plus, you can also watch news, TV shows, educational content, sporting events, and a whole lot more in crisp and clear HD quality.

Buzz-TV-Photos-03 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-02 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-06 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-07 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-05 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Photos-04 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review

Compared to cable television, you will be able to save a lot of money when you have the BuzzTV XPL-3000 in your home; you should also remember that you’ll have access to a lot of popular Android apps like Kodi for your convenience. For new users, you’ll continue to discover excellent features since there are tons more to the XPL-3000 that meets the eye.

The XPL-3000 features bright status LED lights, as well as an infrared receiver on the front part of the device; on its right and back part, you will see an SD card slot, two USB ports, an RCA port, a power port, the LAN port, and the HDMI port; additionally, a Wi-Fi antenna is also available.

The BuzzTV XPL-3000 is an awesome quad-core Android TV box that can deliver clear, crisp, and excellent videos. It may be a small little box but it is a sturdy and durable device that does more than just turn your television into a Smart TV.

With the latest Android 6.0, BuzzTV provides you with a speedy and smooth experience that you will surely enjoy. The XPL-3000 features 2 GB of DDR-3 RAM for a highly responsive and fast user experience; you’ll also have 8 GB of internal memory to download a lot of your favorites from Google Play Store and BuzzTV’s Buzz UI which is a great thing if you ask us. The XPL-3000 also features a clean and sleek look that offers you the best viewing and STB experience. Additionally, the box also lets you stream the latest TV shows and movies straight to your home.

Product Features

Android Based Device

BuzzTV’s XPL-3000 is powered by the Android OS so you can expect to have more advantages over the classic Linux set-top boxes. You can take advantage and enjoy a million more applications on the Google App Store and these include some of the favorite media player apps like SPMC, KODI, Plex, and a lot more.

Ultra High Definition Picture and Fast-Channel Changing

BuzzTV’s XPL-3000 also exhibits high-quality specifications compared to other IPTV boxes that are available in the market so you can be sure that their device will not disappoint. XPL-3000 is also considered as the fastest channel changing device, as well as the best device that offers 4K ultra-high-definition picture quality – a standard that comes with this device.

GUI for the Best Experience

BuzzTV offers you the best TV experience via its Easy Interface & Ultra-Fast Channel Zapping. They also support popular features such as Catch Up TV and a lot more.

Select your Platform

Another great thing about the device is that BuzzTV supports the following DRM: Marlin, Widevine, and Verimatrix.

How it Performs

This TV box has been quite the favorite among a lot of users and the praises and positive comments about the product are continuously growing. The speed and its picture quality is highly noted which makes it a favorite piece in the market today. We actually like the fact that the XPL-3000 is also lightweight and you won’t really need to have great knowledge in technical stuff to actually install the device. In fact, the installation process is hassle-free and quick for the most part; basically, it also speaks volumes about the function and quality of the XPL-3000.

When it comes to its remote, it’s really a user-friendly thing which will be a breeze for you to use since there’s nothing on it that isn’t self-explanatory. It features an excellent layout where all the buttons are spaced nicely to make it easier to press; plus, you’ll easily determine which buttons are which since the company didn’t include any unnecessary buttons like other remotes around. We actually liked the fact that you won’t have to switch positions just to send signals so there aren’t any hassles when using it.

The latest upgrade also features the press menu on the remote which allows you to access the PVR. Overall, this is a highly-functional remote that has been combined with an excellent UI, making the XPL-3000 one of the best products today.

Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-1 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-2 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-3 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-4 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-5 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-6 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-7 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-8 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review Buzz-TV-Screen-Photos-9 BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review


To sum things up, the XPL-3000 from BuzzTV is an excellent device that doesn’t take too much space in your home nor does it let you spend a ton of cash just for an IPTV box; additionally, it is also packed with a bunch of outstanding features which makes it even better. We really like the performance of the XPL-3000 and we think that it’s one of the best IPTV boxes around, so you definitely won’t have any regrets purchasing this.

The product’s upgrades are automatic and it also has a user-friendly remote that won’t give you a headache when you try using it; so basically, you won’t have to stress about updating the device and making it work. Also, it is packed with a ton of features so it’s definitely not just an IPTV box which makes it a top quality product at a very affordable price. Overall, we’d definitely recommend the BuzzTV XPL-3000 without any reservations.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your own XPL-3000 from BuzzTV head on over to the official Buzz TV website.

BuzzTV XPL-3000 Review
4.6Overall Score
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