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These days, Salif Keita has transcended the negative perception associated with his albinism although he is the first to tell you that there are tens of thousands across the continent who have not and may never. Keita is a record-making millionaire, award-winning soulful Afropop singer with global repute. That kind of privilege places you in […]

Koffee becomes the first woman to win the Best Reggae Album category at the Grammy Awards when her EP Rapture copped the covered award during the ceremony, held at Staples Centre in Los Angeles on Sunday. At 19, she is also the youngest artiste to win the category since reggae gained Grammy status in 1985.  […]

Ofentse Pitse, born in Mabopane, South Africa, had music in her veins and it was only natural for her to rise in the music industry. According to Sowetanlive, she played her first instrument at the age of 12 but growing up, she was exposed to all kinds of music including jazz and gospel, that prepared […]

America in the summer of 1919 ran red with blood from racial violence, and yet today, 100 years later, not many people know it even happened. It flowed in small towns like Elaine, Arkansas, in medium-size places such as Annapolis, Maryland, and Syracuse, New York, and in big cities like Washington and Chicago. Hundreds of […]

The murder of black boys George Armwood on October 18, 1933 and Emmett Till on August 28, 1955 by white mobs comprising men, women and children stunned well-meaning people – black or white. However, in this piece, involving 17-year-old mentally unstable youth Jesse Washington by another white mob in May 15, 1916 will send chills […]

Jamaican Reggae Artiste Kenneth “Junior“ Byles, who is known for popular songs like “Fade Away” and “Curly Locks” has been living in poverty for quite some time. The artiste is said to be suffering from a mental illness. His primary caregiver was his father Kenneth Byles Sr who passed away a few years ago.  He […]

In America we celebrate the past all the time—the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, the Bill of Rights, and so much more. It doesn’t matter that these all took place long ago, before we were born, before anybody alive today was born—these historical triumphs make many of us feel good about who we are […]

Cannabis 101 Here’s a scenario we have all seen in film before: Somebody consumes an entire bag of raw cannabis in order to avoid getting caught with it. Eyes pop wide open and gasps ensue. “You just ate that whole bag!” somebody shouts. However, the aftermath of this scene usually involves a very different representation […]

A new book on Amilcar Cabral by professor Peter Karibe Mendy of Rhode Island College sheds new light on this important 20th century agronomist and pan-Africanist thinker who led an anti-colonial struggle against Portugal. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Although he was assassinated more than 45 years ago, the spirit of Amilcar Cabral lives on, and his […]

The UN voted for Britain to leave, but the privileged UK apparently doesn’t care. Africa’s last remaining British colony is still under control of the United Kingdom despite orders from the United Nations (UN) for the European country to recognize its sovereignty. The deadline came and went for the U.K. to end its colonization of […]