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Applicable to all non-Black people, from Bri Williams:

Written by on August 29, 2019

“Fun facts: I didn’t truly realize that white people could have black friends- and still be racist until one time in middle school i was in the backseat with a friend and her mom when they were cut off by another driver and my friend screamed at the top of her lungs “fucking niggerrrr!!!” And they both laughed until about 4 seconds later when they remembered who was in the backseat and they apologized and got embarrassed.

I didn’t truly realize white women could have black children and still be racist until i had a friend in high school who was black with a white mom and when they got into an argument- her mom called her a porch monkey and a nigger.

I didn’t truly realize how racist white people were behind closed doors until I went on vacation with a friend and her mom got drunk and repeatedly said the N word and then remembered i was there and apologized. This vacation happened to be in Florida the same week that Gorge Zimmerman was announced innocent… on the way home her dad said “(Trayvon) picked a fight with the wrong guy and lost big time.” I went home and cried my eyes out.

I didn’t truly realize white girls could have black friends (with black dads) and still be deathly afraid of black men until I pulled up to a party on the south side with a few friends and one was reluctant to get out of the car because there were black men standing outside. She asked “are we in the ghetto” …

I didn’t realize people labeled my race by how i acted and not my actual race, until prom night when someone said a racial slur and noticed my facial expression changed, he followed up with: “Bri I don’t even see you as black. you’re not black black… Kodie is black but you’re like… not” (Kodie is a mixed race boy just like me who literally lived down the street from me but he spoke with more Ebonics, so he was black, i was not) He felt that it was HIS right to decide who I was and what I represented..

I didn’t truly realize racism was still such a big issue until I was hired at a restaurant in 2016 and every single employee accidentally said something racist in front of me and then apologized shortly after. “She was so loud, obnoxious and stupid, she was literally acting black” … just to give a small example.

I didn’t truly realize i had to be pro-black until I was exposed to how many people were so anti black. And still to this day- all of the people mentioned in this little throwback- will promise you to their death, that they are not racist. People don’t understand that racism goes MUCH DEEPER THAN SAYING “I don’t like black people.” Racism behind closed doors and followed up with apologies, is still racism.”

From Bri Williams